Patent Number: 6,310,551

Title: Alpine rescue alert assembly

Abstract: An alpine rescue alert assembly operated by a ski patrol member. The rescue alert assembly adapted for mounting between a pair of toboggan handles pivotally attached to the front of a toboggan. The toboggan used for carrying an injured skier. The alert assembly includes a battery received in a battery tray attached to a side of one of the handles. The assembly also includes a pole mounting base. The pole mounting base rotatably mounted on a pivot pin ring. The pivot pin ring is attached to a ring bracket mounted on and expending upwardly from an assembly brace. A lower end of a pivot pole is releasably attached to the pole mounting base. The pole mounting base allows the pole to be raised from a lowered horizontal position upwardly to a vertical position when the alert assembly is in use. An upper end of the pivot pole includes a strobe light and a siren mounted thereon. The strobe light and siren include electrical wiring connected to the battery. Also, an "on" and "off" switch is mounted next to a handle grip attached to one end of the handles. The switch includes electrical wiring connected to the battery. When the switch is turned "on", the strobe light and siren provide a warning to nearby skiers to stay clear of the ski patrol member and injured skier so that the skier can be safely transported for receiving medical care.

Inventors: Croft; David G. (Denver, CO)


International Classification: A61G 1/007 (20060101); G08B 023/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018