Patent Number: 6,310,564

Title: Method and apparatus for compressively coding/decoding digital data toreduce the use of band-width or storage space

Abstract: There are provided coding and decoding apparatuses and coding and decodingmethods in which digital data are represented by bits fewer than those bywhich digital data according to the prior art apparatuses and methods arerepresented, and original data can be decoded correctly without degradingits precision. The number of continuous zeros from the LSB of the digitaldata 103 is counted. The number on continuous zeros plus one is subtractedfrom the number of bits of the digital data 103, resulting in a number ofbits to-be-allocated 105, according to which, bits are allocated startingfrom the most significant bit (MSB). The number of omitted bits iscalculated according to the number 105 (114), and lower bits representedas the MSB "1" and bits "0". The lower bits 116 are coupled to a lowerside of a code 115 to restore original digital data 151.

Inventors: Fujimoto; Masakazu (Osaka, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013