Patent Number: 6,310,582

Title: Antenna system

Abstract: When communication is performed simultaneously with two moving bodies suchas a satellite, an antenna construction in which a plurality of antennasdo not become an obstacle to each other's communication and the direction(the azimuth angle and the elevation angle) adjusting mechanism thereofcan be realized with a simple construction. The two antennas have anothermovable portion (a rotation mechanism with respect to the axis)independently, while sharing the direction adjusting mechanism for theazimuth angle and the elevation angle. The rotation axis of the rotationmechanism of each antenna faces the same direction on the same plane, andeach rotation mechanism is separately arranged in an area defined by aplane obtained by extending the axis of the azimuth angle adjustingmechanism toward the axial direction of the elevation angle adjustingmechanism. The azimuth angle and the elevation angle of respectiveantennas can be separately adjusted by the rotation mechanism with respectto the axis, hence the antennas can be directed to the communicationtargets existing in the two different directions simultaneously from thereception point.

Inventors: Uetake; Tatsuya (Tokyo, JP), Okamura; Masahiro (Chiba, JP), Taira; Midori (Kashiwa, JP), Kobayashi; Akito (Chiba, JP), Satou; Ken (Misato, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013