Patent Number: 6,310,609

Title: User interface with guide lights

Abstract: A user interface with guide lights for a communications device, such as amobile telephone, is provided to assist a user in the correct andefficient operation of the device having a display, and a keypad whichcontains a numerical 10-key and other control keys. The user interfaceincludes a means for identifying the appropriate keys on the keypad whichcorrespond to the step or steps required to activate a desired operationto be performed within the device. In the preferred embodiment,identification of the appropriate keys is achieved using a light sourcewhich is mounted beneath each translucent key so that when the lightsource is illuminated, the key associated with that light source will beidentified to the user. The intensity of the light sources is variable andmay be controlled to provide sufficient contrast to read all keys in lowambient light while highlighting the keys to be pressed for operation ofthe desired function. In high ambient light, the intensity of the guidelights may be increased for enhanced contrast and visibility.Alternatively, different color light sources may be used, with one colorto light all keys for visibility in low ambient light, if needed, and theother color to provide the guide lights.

Inventors: Morgenthaler; Angela (San Diego, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013