Patent Number: 6,310,615

Title: Dual mode eraser

Abstract: A method and apparatus for transcribing composite images. In oneembodiment, a method comprises projecting a first image onto a surface,wherein a first coordinate system defines positions within the first imageand a second coordinate system defines positions on the surface. Themethod further comprises forming a second image on the surface by using astylus, and recording the formation of the second image relative to thefirst image by periodically detecting the position of the stylus relativeto the second coordinate system by receiving and processing signalstransmitted from the stylus. The method also comprises translating theposition of the stylus relative to the second coordinate system to aposition relative to the first coordinate system, and storing thecomposite image comprising the first image and the second image asmachine-readable data.

Inventors: Davis; Richard C. (Cambridge, MA), Chery; Yonald (Somerville, MA), Kelley, III; Andrew (Somerville, MA), Moyne; William P. (Cambridge, MA), Verminski; Matthew D. (Cambridge, MA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013