Patent Number: 6,310,638

Title: Carriage bearing preloader and antirotation restoring force for reducingcarriage vibration

Abstract: A carriage, driven along a carriage rod, rests on the carriage rod atcarriage V-bearings. The V-bearing connection is open at the bottom. Amagnetic preloader applies a magnetic force biasing the carriage towardthe carriage rod. A roller coupled to the carriage runs along a tracksurface away from the carriage rod. At high slew velocities, a localdiscontinuity, such as a bump, encountered by the roller causes anacceleration of the roller away from the track surface. The upwardrotation causes a torque rotating the carriage around the carriage rod. Amagnetic restoring torque is applied in the vicinity of the roller to keepthe roller running smoothly along the track surface.

Inventors: Heiles; Tod S. (Vancouver, WA), Cameron; James M. (Los Altos, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013