Patent Number: 6,310,650

Title: Method and apparatus for calibrating a tiled display

Abstract: A display system that can be calibrated and re-calibrated with a minimalamount of manual intervention. To accomplish this, one or more cameras areprovided to capture an image of the display screen. The resulting capturedimage is processed to identify any non-desirable characteristics,including visible artifacts such as seams, bands, rings, etc. Once thenon-desirable characteristics are identified, an appropriatetransformation function is determined. The transformation function is usedto pre-warp the input video signal that is provided to the display suchthat the non-desirable characteristics are reduced or eliminated from thedisplay. The transformation function preferably compensates for spatialnon-uniformity, color non-uniformity, luminance non-uniformity, and othervisible artifacts.

Inventors: Johnson; Michael J. (Phoenix, AZ), Chen; Chung-Jen (Phoenix, AZ), Chandrasekhar; Rajesh (Phoenix, AZ)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013