Patent Number: 6,310,660

Title: Video signal dropout detector

Abstract: A method and apparatus for detecting video signal dropout. The methodincludes the step of generating a video signal, and then electronicallyisolating at least one component of the video signal. The at least onecomponent is representative of the absence of the video signal itself.Next, the absence of the at least one component is electronically sensed.The step of electronically isolating can include the step of passing thevideo signal through a comb filter, and in particular isolating aluminescence signal from the video signal. The step of electronicallyisolating can also include passing the video signal through a syncseparator. The step of electronically sensing can include passing the atleast one component through a comparator. The method can also include thestep of generating the video signal for a predetermined time duration, andsimultaneously generating an audio signal to indicate the end of thepredetermined time duration. In this embodiment, the step ofelectronically sensing is then terminated in response to the audio signal.

Inventors: Abuali; Khaled Amin (North Bergen, NJ), Yazurlo; Donato (Hewitt, NJ)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013