Patent Number: 6,310,665

Title: Liquid crystal display apparatus and optical addressing device

Abstract: The liquid crystal display apparatus of the present invention includes: afirst substrate; a second substrate; a liquid crystal layer sandwiched bythe first substrate and the second substrate,; a first electrode layerformed on a surface of the first substrate facing the liquid crystallayer; a second electrode layer formed on a surface of the secondsubstrate facing the liquid crystal layer; a third electrode layerelectrically connected with the second electrode layer via aphotoconductive layer; and a plurality of stripe-shaped light sourcesdisposed outside the second substrate for irradiating at least a portionof the photoconductive layer with light, wherein the electricalconductivity of the photoconductive layer is changed by switching theplurality of light sources to switch electrical connection between thesecond electrode layer and the third electrode layer and thereby torealize optical addressing of the liquid crystal layer.

Inventors: Kido; Masami (Tenri, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013