Patent Number: 6,310,675

Title: Liquid crystal display

Abstract: An improved efficiency liquid crystal display device (10) includes at leasttwo pairs of electrode disposed above and below, and on two sides of eachdisplay pixel (12). Each pair of electrodes is capable of applying anelectrical field to a layer of liquid crystal material disposedtherebetween. The applied electrical fields cause the liquid crystalmaterials to switch from a first to a second optical state correspondingto an opaque and transparent state. The result is a display device havinghigher optical efficiencies, and faster display response times. Multipleintermediate optical states are possible by applying varying amounts ofelectrical charge to the two pairs of electrodes at the same time. Thedesired optical effects are accomplished by employing in-plane-switchingto said pairs of electrodes.

Inventors: Yaniv; Zvi (Austin, TX)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013