Patent Number: 6,310,681

Title: Method and apparatus for image forming

Abstract: Magnification data for designating a recording magnification of an overallimage along a horizontal scanning direction, magnification balance datafor designating the balance in the recording magnification of left andright partial image regions, and write position data for designating thetiming of starting the recording of an image are inputted on the basis ofresults of measurement of the positions of registration marks formed atthe center and both ends of an image recording range. A phase selectioncircuit and a LSYNC generating circuit adjust the timing of starting therecording of an image on the basis of the write position data. A detectingcircuit detects an average frequency of a pixel clock and a frequencydifference of partial image regions during one scanning by a laser beam,and an average-frequency control circuit and a left-right frequencydifference control circuit effect control on the basis of the detectedfrequencies such that during one scanning by the laser beam the pixelclock frequency (oscillation frequency of VCO) changes with a scope ofchange corresponding to the magnification balance data by using as areference a frequency corresponding to the magnification data.

Inventors: Taniwaki; Michio (Ebina, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013