Patent Number: 6,310,682

Title: System and method for laser range finder

Abstract: The actual value of a parameter from a laser range finder to a target isdetermined by adjusting the measured parameter by a measurement error. Theerror adjustment is based on the relationship between the intensity of thedetected pulse and the expected parameter error. The laser range finderhas a laser diode for emitting a laser pulse to a target to produce areflected pulse, and a detector for receiving the reflected pulse. Ameasurement circuit is coupled to the detector for determining a measuredparameter based on the reflected pulse. An integrator is coupled to thedetector for determining the pulse area, and therefore, the intensity ofthe reflected pulse. A processor is coupled to the measurement circuit andthe integrator for adjusting the measured parameter based on the pulsearea of the reflected pulse, to provide the actual value of the parameter.

Inventors: Gavish; Moshe (Kiryat-Bialik, IL), Chen; Kuo-Tso (Hsin-Chu, TW)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013