Patent Number: 6,310,687

Title: Light detection device with means for tracking sample sites

Abstract: Apparatus and methods for optical detection with improved read speed and/orsignal-to-noise ratio. These apparatus and methods may involve amongothers moving an sample substrate (108) while simulataneously detectinglight transmitted from one or more sample sites (110) on the substrate(108) by sequentially tracking the sample sites (110) as they move. Astage (101), movable in a first direction, supports the substrate (108). Adetector (118) detects light emanating from an examination region (102)delimited by a detection initiation position (106a) and a detectiontermination position (106b). An optical relay structure (122) transmitlight from the examination region (102) to the detector (118). A scanningmechanism (120) simultaneously moves the optical relay structure (122) andthe substrate in the first direction. The optical relay structure (122)tracks the substrate (108) between the detection initiation position(106a) and the detection termination position (106b).

Inventors: Stumbo; David P. (Belmont, CA), Modlin; Douglas N. (Palo Alto, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013