Patent Number: 6,310,691

Title: Technique for scanning documents using a spiral path locus

Abstract: An optical scanning technique employs an optical sensor array forcollecting image pixel data from a flat medium during a scanning cycle. Amotion apparatus provides relative motion between the sensor array and themedium such that a spiral locus is defined by the sensor array relative tothe media during a scanning cycle. The spiral maximum diameter may be madeequal to the diagonal dimension of a rectangular media, thus allowingpixel data to be collected very close to the edge of the media, and soreducing or eliminating the area of unscannable margins on both sides andthe top and bottom of the media. The motion apparatus can include aturntable for rotating the flat medium about a center of coordinates, anda translatable carriage holding the sensor array. An ink jet printhead canbe mounted on the motion apparatus, to provide a multi-functionscanner/printer machine.

Inventors: Cariffe; Alan E. (San Diego, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013