Patent Number: 6,310,701

Title: Method and apparatus for ablating high-density array of vias or indentationin surface of object

Abstract: An apparatus and process for ablating an array matrix of high-density viasin a flexible and rigid desired object. The apparatus contains a mirrorbased x, y scanning repeat positioning and/or a single axis scannerpositioning system that directs a single point of a coherent lightradiation beam at desired individual mask segments. These mask segmentsare formed into a planar mask array. A flat field collimating lens systemis positioned between the mirror scanning system and the mask arrays tocorrect the angular beam output of the repeat positioning mirror andredirects the beam so that it strikes a specific rear surface segment(s)of in the mask array. The flat field collimating lens provides a beam thateither illuminates the mask perpendicular to its surface or at preselectedoptimized illumination angles. Once illuminated, the specific segment ofthe mask array images and processes a single or a plurality of desiredholes or features in a top surface of a flexible or rigid desired objectto be processed.

Inventors: Lizotte; Todd E. (Manchester, NH)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013