Patent Number: 6,310,709

Title: Synchronous polarization and phase modulation using a periodic waveformwith complex harmonics for improved performance of optical transmissionsystems

Abstract: A method and apparatus is provided that yields improved performance bymodulating the optical phase and polarization of an optical signal with aperiodic waveform having harmonic content that is more complex than thatassociated with a simple sinusoidal waveform. A phase modulator receivesan optical signal onto which data has been modulated at a predeterminedfrequency. The phase modulator modulates the phase of the optical signalin a continuous manner with the periodic waveform with complex harmonicswhere the fundamental phase modulation frequency is equal to the samepredetermined frequency at which the data is modulated onto the opticalsignal. In another illustrative embodiment of the invention, apolarization modulator further processes the optical signal by modulatingthe state-of-polarization of the signal in a continuous fashion with theperiodic waveform with complex harmonics where the fundamentalpolarization modulation frequency is equal to the same predeterminedfrequency at which the data is modulated onto the optical signal. Inaddition to being continuously modulated, the polarization modulation isperformed so that the average value of the state of polarization over eachmodulation cycle is substantially equal to zero.

Inventors: Bergano; Neal S. (Lincroft, NJ)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013