Patent Number: 6,310,717

Title: Optical amplifier and fiber module for optical amplification

Abstract: Disclosed herein is an optical amplifier reduced in gain deviation. Theoptical amplifier includes a nonsilica fiber doped with a rare earth, anda fiber holder in which the nonsilica fiber is inserted and fixed. Thefiber holder is optically arranged so that signal light to be amplifiedpropagates in the nonsilica fiber. The nonsilica fiber is pumped so thatthe nonsilica fiber provides a gain band including the wavelength of thesignal light. Opposite ends of the fiber holder are hermetically sealed tothereby easily cut off the nonsilica fiber from the outside air, so thatthe nonsilica fiber is stabilized physically or chemically. A fluorideglass fiber is suitable for the nonsilica fiber to reduce the gaindeviation in a 1.55 .mu.m band.

Inventors: Naganuma; Norihisa (Sapporo, JP), Shukunami; Norifumi (Sapporo, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013