Patent Number: 6,310,718

Title: Optical amplifying apparatus for detecting break point in opticaltransmission lines

Abstract: In an optical amplifying apparatus, a detour optical line is employed inaddition to such an optical amplifier for amplifying light having a firstwavelength of ".lambda.1" and for outputting the amplified light. Thisdetour optical line is operated in such a detour manner that the lighthaving the first wavelength of ".lambda.1" is selectively entered into theoptical amplifier, and also the light having the second wavelength of".lambda.2" is not selectively entered into the optical amplifier. Thelight having the first wavelength of ".lambda.1" which constitutes theoriginal signal light may be optically amplified by the light amplifier,and thereafter the amplified signal light is outputted to a rear-sidedoptical fiber. On the other hand, when a break point occurred in a opticaltransmission line is detected, while the light having the secondwavelength of ".lambda.2" different from the above-described signal lightis employed as the test light, this test light is entered from an inputterminal of the optical transmission line provided of the front-sidedfiber, so that this test light can be transmitted to the rear-sided fibervia the detour optical line without passing through the optical amplifier.The return light which is required to detect the break point and suppliedfrom the rear-sided optical fiber is not propagated to the opticalamplifier, but is returned via the detour optical line to the inputterminal.

Inventors: Saeki; Miwa (Tokyo, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013