Patent Number: 6,310,730

Title: Optical system with asymmetric optical corrector

Abstract: An optical system includes a curved window, an asymmetric, scoop-shapedoptical corrector adjacent to a curved inner surface of the window, anoptical train positioned such that the optical corrector lies between thecurved window and the optical train, a movable optical train support uponwhich the optical train is mounted, and a sensor disposed to receive anoptical ray passing sequentially through the window, the opticalcorrector, and the optical train. The optical corrector has an innersurface and an outer surface, at least one of which has a shape defined byan asymmetric polynomial.

Inventors: Knapp; David (Tucson, AZ), Sparrold; Scott W. (Bothell, WA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013