Patent Number: 6,310,735

Title: Releasable and stress-free securing assembly for optical elements

Abstract: A releasable and stress-free securing assembly for an optical element (2,3) positioned in a centered manner in a mount (1) is provided. The opticalelement (2, 3) is provided, in the border region which is to be retained,with a beveled surface (6) inclined in the direction of the mount (1). Themount (1) has a groove (4) which is open axially in front of the opticalelement (2, 3). A ring element (5) which is elastically deformable in theaxial direction is pressed in between the beveled surface (6) and groove(4). The angle of inclination of the beveled surface (6) is and The boundary (11') of the groove (4) in theregion of the optical element (2, 3) is level with a bevel edge (8), whichis oriented toward the mount (1), and the boundary (11) of the groove (4)in front of the optical element (2, 3) is undercut at an angle of to The depth of the groove (4) is greater than theradius of the ring element (5) by from 0.15 to 0.2 mm, and a free openingbetween a bevel edge (10), which is located on the optical element (2, 3)toward the center, and the front edge (12) of the undercut boundary (11)of the groove (4) is equal to 0.8 of the diameter of the ring element (5).

Inventors: Best; Stefan Uwe (Solms-Oberbiel, DE), Schnabel; Rainer (Weilmunster, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013