Patent Number: 6,310,737

Title: Reflector with a resistant surface

Abstract: A reflector, with high total reflection, resisting mechanical stress andhaving a reflector body on which the following components are superimposed(a) a functional coating, e.g., a varnish, (b) a reflection layerstructure composed of a reflecting metallic layer and a transparentceramic layer, having for instance a geometric thickness of 3 nm or moreor an optical depth of .lambda.2, applied on the top of the metalliclayer. The layer arranged on the surface of the reflection layer structureis formed by the transparent layer which acts simultaneously as aprotection layer. The protection layer is a silicon oxide of generalformula SiO.sub.x, where x is a number from 1.1 to 2.0, or is an aluminumoxide of formula Al.sub.2 O.sub.3. The protection layer protects theunderlying layers from mechanical stresses. In the DIN 58196 wipe test,the protected layer shows no damage after 50 test cycles, each with 100wiping strokes. These reflectors are useful in the field of lighting andillumination where they can be used for lighting of display units withscreens, primary lighting, secondary lighting, raster lighting, lightceilings or light deflector lamella.

Inventors: Gillich; Volkmar (Neuhausen am Rheinfall, CH), Kirin; Renato (Thayngen, CH), Fuchs; Roman (Schaffhausen, CH)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013