Patent Number: 6,310,745

Title: Method and apparatus for a digital linear tape lockout system

Abstract: A system is provided for ensuring that a digital linear tape cartridge isinserted into a receiving device in the desired orientation with the tapedoor going into the receiving device last. The receiving device may be asleeve with a pivoting lockout that rotates about a pin. The pivotinglockout will pivot freely out of the path of the digital linear tapecartridge only when the cartridge is inserted into the receiving device inthe correct orientation with the tape door going into the receiving devicelast. The pivoting lockout will interfere with the digital linear tapecartridge if a user attempts to install the cartridge into the receivingdevice in any of the possible seven incorrect orientations.

Inventors: Smith; Mark A. (Holdrege, NE)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013