Patent Number: 6,310,749

Title: Voice coil motor actuator vibration isolator

Abstract: A disk drive having a novel actuator assembly. The actuator assemblycomprises a voice coil motor assembly, a pivotable actuator arm, and ahead gimbal assembly including a read/write head. The voice coil motorassembly is attached at a back end of the actuator arm, and the headgimbal assembly is mounted on the actuator arm on a front end opposite ofthe back end. The voice coil motor assembly includes a voice coilinterposed between two magnets and a top plate and a bottom plate. Thevoice coil motor assembly is secured to the base of the disk drive byposts. The actuator arm includes the back end, a pivot point and impedingapertures. The impeding apertures include two holes located near the backend of the actuator arm between the pivot point and the voice coil motorassembly and extend entirely through the actuator arm. The actuator armmay also include plugging members. The plugging members are inserted intothe impeding apertures and extend entirely through the impeding apertures.The plugging members are of the same circumferential size andconfiguration as the impeding apertures. In operation, the voice coilmotor assembly produces a force which pivots the actuator arm in order toposition the read/write heads over individual tracks on the disk. Theforce produced by the voice coil motor assembly creates a vibration whichemanates throughout the actuator arm and propagates toward the read/writeheads. The vibration reaches the impeding apertures and is reflected backtowards the voice coil motor. The vibration may also be dampened ifplugging members are inserted in the impeding apertures.

Inventors: Beatty; Paul A. (Longmont, CO), Wong; Walter (Boulder, CO), Staggers; James (Longmont, CO)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013