Patent Number: 6,310,754

Title: Control accuracy of a pulse-operated electromechanical device

Abstract: A control for controlling an output of a system of an automotive vehiclehaving an electric-operated control device that controls an output of asystem of the automotive vehicle in accordance with an electric controlsignal comprising a waveform comprising voltage pulses applied to thedevice. An electric control, including a processor, for developing theelectric control signal from a primary control signal and a secondarycontrol signal. The processor causes the secondary control signal toselectively interact with the primary control signal in developing theelectric control signal such that at certain times, the electric controlsignal is developed from the primary control signal alone, and at certainother times, the electric control signal is developed by interaction ofthe secondary control signal with the primary control signal.

Inventors: Busato; Murray Fancis (Chatham, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013