Patent Number: 6,310,768

Title: Portable computer with detachable display

Abstract: A portable computer includes a main computer module, a liquid crystaldisplay module and a latch unit. The main computer module includes a mainhousing with a top surface and a first side surface transverse to the topsurface. The top surface is formed with an inwardly and longitudinallyextending insert groove adjacent to the first side surface. The first sidesurface is formed with a slot communicated with the insert groove. Theliquid crystal display module includes a display housing, a secondconnector mounted on the display housing and connected electrically andremovably to a first connector mounted on the main housing, a pivotretainer having a first pivot portion secured to the display housing, andan anchoring post extending radially from a second pivot portion of thepivot retainer that is coupled rotatably and co-axially to the first pivotportion. The anchoring post is inserted removably into the insert groovefrom the top surface of the main housing. The latch unit is movablydisposed in the insert groove and is accessible via the slot in the mainhousing so as to be operable for movement between a latching position,where the latch unit engages the anchoring post, and a releasing position,where the latch unit disengages the anchoring post.

Inventors: Kung; Shao-Tsu (Taipei, TW), Chi; Chia-Fen (Taipei, TW)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013