Patent Number: 6,310,770

Title: Dustproof structure of communication device, using air filter havingdistributed dust collecting efficiency and pressure loss

Abstract: A dustproof structure for a communication device is disclosed, in which thewhole area of the air filter can be effectively used, the dust collectingefficiency can be improved at low cost, and an increase in the pressureloss can be prevented. The air filter comprises a first air filter sectionand a second air filter section, wherein the first air filter section isprovided at an area closer to the fan, within which the air flow isconcentrated, and the second air filter section is provided at anotherarea farther from the fan, and the first air filter section has a dustcollecting efficiency higher than that of the second air filter section,while the second air filter section has a pressure loss lower than that ofthe first air filter section.

Inventors: Negishi; Masayuki (Tokyo, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013