Patent Number: 6,310,774

Title: Heat sink clip

Abstract: A heat sink clip (50) includes a body (20) and an R-shaped handle (40). Thebody includes a central pressing portion (29), and first and second springportions (21, 24) extending from opposite ends of the pressing portion.First and second legs (22, 27) depend from free ends of the first andsecond spring portions respectively. A catch (25) is stamped upwardly fromthe second spring portion, and then bent toward the pressing portion. Abent tab (31) is stamped outwardly from the second leg and then bentdownwardly. The handle includes first and second connecting portions (41,42), and anactuating portion (43) between the first and second portions.First and second fixing holes (44, 45) are respectively defined near thefree ends of the first and second portions, and respectively engage withthe catch and bent tab of the body.

Inventors: Lee; Hsieh Kun (Chung-Ho, TW)


International Classification:

Expiration Date: 10/32013