Patent Number: 6,310,789

Title: Dynamically-controlled, intrinsically regulated charge pump power converter

Abstract: A charge pump power converter efficiently provides electrical power bydynamically controlling a switch matrix of the charge pump. Instead ofopen-loop oscillator-based control, a dynamic controller provides powerupon demand by sensing the output voltage and changing the operatingfrequency of the charge pump in response. Moreover, this closed-loopdynamic control intrinsically voltage regulates the output voltage of thecharge pump power converter without the inefficient addition of astep-down voltage regulator, downstream of the power converter. Inaddition, this closed-loop dynamic control allows for maintaining adesired output voltage even with variations in the input voltage. Also,the dynamic control accommodates the advantages of using ultra-capacitorsin the charge pump. The power converter is capable of operating with asub-one volt input voltage incorporating low-threshold, low on-resistancepower MOSFET switches in the switch matrix of the charge pump. Aprogressive start-up circuit further allows the power converter to startfrom a discharged state even with a sub-one volt input voltage.

Inventors: Nebrigic; Dragan Danilo (Indian Springs, OH), Jevtitch; Milan Marcel (Cincinnati, OH), Gartstein; Vladimir (Cincinnati, OH), Milam; William Thomas (Knoxville, TN), Sherrill; James Vig (Norris, TN), Busko; Nicholas (Knoxville, TN), Hansen; Peter (Knoxville, TN)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013