Patent Number: 6,310,833

Title: Interactive voice recognition digital clock

Abstract: An Interactive Voice Recognition and Speech Synthesis Clock Radio wherein the voice recognition circuitry is trained to recognize a number of predetermined phrases spoken by one or more specific users. The speech synthesis circuitry includes a number of predetermined phrases generated in response to verbal utterances by a user.

Inventors: Guyett; Thomas G. (Gainesville, GA), Reeves; Michael H. (Athens, GA), Hobbs; Stephen B. (Kentwood, MI)

Assignee: Salton, Inc.

International Classification: G04G 1/00 (20060101); G04G 13/02 (20060101); G04G 13/00 (20060101); G04G 1/08 (20060101); G04B 021/08 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018