Patent Number: 6,310,841

Title: Optical pickup for narrow track optical discs

Abstract: An optical disc can increase an information storage capacity by reducingthe track width of the optical disc. An optical pickup for a narrow trackoptical disc includes an optical shielding portion having a desired lightintensity distribution with respect to a target track and the tracksadjacent to the target track on the optical disc. The optical shieldingportion is disposed on the optical path between the light source and theoptical disc and shields part of the light beam proceeding toward theoptical disc, to provide a light intensity distribution such that only thebeam spot focused on the target track is used to detect information storedin the target track. Thus, the beam spot focused on the target track ofthe optical disc has track crosstalk having a magnitude by whichinformation can be read from the target track. The optical pickup canprovide an excellent performance even in the case that the optical pickupis adapted in a high-definition DVD to be commercialized in the future.

Inventors: Chung; Chong-Sam (Sungnam, KR), Cho; Kun-Ho (Suwon, KR)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013