Patent Number: 6,310,855

Title: Cartridge for accomodating optical discs of different sizes

Abstract: A cartridge to accommodate optical discs of different sizes. The cartridgeincludes a main case including an upper and a lower plates. An opticaldisc of a larger diameter is inserted directly into the main case, and anoptical disc of a smaller diameter is inserted into an auxiliary case,such that the auxiliary case is received by the main case. A main shutteris movably installed on the main case, and the auxiliary case has anauxiliary shutter in which a shutter protrusion is formed. As the shutterprotrusion is inserted into the main shutter, the auxiliary shutter isopened/closed by operation of the main shutter. The main case is formedwith first ribs in a circular arc shape in which the optical disc of thelarger diameter is accommodated, and a cover, to prevent the largeroptical disc and the auxiliary case from being released therefrom, ispivotably installed on the main case. The cover is formed with second ribsin the circular arc shape. The first ribs have respectively firstreceiving recesses and the second ribs have second receiving recesses, andthe auxiliary case is maintained in position inside the main case afterbeing inserted into the first and the second receiving recesses.

Inventors: Choi; Han-kook (Suwon, KR)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013