Patent Number: 6,310,862

Title: Real-time multimedia conferencing over an ATM network using an intelligentATM cable modem and hybrid fiber-coax access

Abstract: A technique for providing real-time multimedia conferencing services withguaranteed performance, in a hybrid networking environment, byinterconnecting cable modem-based premises networks via hybrid fibercoaxial (HFC) access networks and an ATM wide area network is disclosed. Afunctional design constitutes both component and protocol architecture ofan ATM cable modem for both premises networks and headend stations. TheATM wide area network may be divided into a plurality of access networkdomains and one backbone network domain to provide efficient andintelligent multimedia conferencing services. Each ATM access networkdomain has one cable modem server as well as access multimedia bridgeserver, while there is only one central network server and one centralmultimedia bridge server within the backbone network domain.Each cable modem server located in an ATM access network domain maintainsnecessary information of how the bandwidth of the cable network is beingused by existing calls, and how the cable bandwidth will be allocated whennew multimedia conference calls are initiated, in accordance with thedesired priority and performance levels. If all conference participantsare connected to the same ATM access network domain, the access multimediabridge server of that domain will provide bridging, otherwise the centralmultimedia bridge will provide bridging. An integrated call controlalgorithm and cable modem control and signaling protocol scheme has beendeveloped to set up multimedia conference calls that guarantee bandwidthover the cable access network as well within the wide area ATM network.

Inventors: Roy; Radhika R. (Howell, NJ)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013