Patent Number: 6,310,865

Title: High-speed wireless access device

Abstract: A high-speed wireless access device including wireless modems of a basestation and a mobile terminal is disclosed. The wireless modem of the basestation has a component to add a low-speed packet to the beginning of ahigh-speed packet, a component to add information to the low-speed packet,and a component to transmit a packet to a mobile terminal by switching tohigh-speed mode immediately after addition of the low-speed packet. Thewireless modem of the mobile terminal has a component for switching from alow-speed demodulation to a high-speed modulation/demodulation with anequalizer built-in, a component for analyzing data received by thelow-speed demodulation, a component for turning off the low-speeddemodulation and for turning on the high-speed modulation/demodulationwhen recognizing a packet to the mobile terminal, a component for turningoff the high-speed modulation/demodulation after receiving the packet atthe mobile terminal, a component for holding an AGC information in alow-speed receiving mode and for making use of this information in ahigh-speed receiving mode, and a component for holding a timing extractioninformation in the low-speed receiving mode and for making use of thisinformation in the high-speed receiving mode.

Inventors: Ohki; Masahiro (Tokyo, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013