Patent Number: 6,310,878

Title: Large packet switch router

Abstract: A large router for routing datagrams. The large router comprises a plurality of router slices, each of which receives switches and transmits datagrams. Each router slice has a routing memory for routing the packets. If a packet is received whose destination address is not known to the receiving packet slice, the packet slice broadcasts a request for routing information for that datagram to the other packet slices of the large router and routes the packet in accordance with the received responses. Groups of slices are interconnected by a time slot interchange (TSI) unit, and groups of TSIs are interconnected by a time multiplexed switch. The router can consist of more than one switch; the switches being interconnected by high speed data links. Advantageously, the router, though composed of small slices, acts as if it were a single large high capacity entity.

Inventors: Bodnar; Bohdan Lew (Park Ridge, IL), Dunn; James Patrick (Northfield Township, LaSalle County, IL), Herse; Conrad Martin (Naperville, IL), Tammaru; Enn (Naperville, IL)

Assignee: Lucent Technologies Inc.

International Classification: H04L 12/56 (20060101); H04L 012/56 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018