Patent Number: 6,310,885

Title: Network system

Abstract: A network system comprises a main loop in which one master node whichissues a token packet for data communication, and at least one slave nodeare connected in a loop; a first sub loop in which the master node, onesub-master node, and at least one slave node are connected in a loop; andat least one second sub loop in which the master node, at least twosub-master nodes including the sub-master node of the first sub loop, andat least one slave node are connected in a loop. In this network system,each node has an analysis execution unit which performs analysis of thetoken packet, control of data transmission and data reception, and aswitch for changing the connection. When each node receives and analyzesthe token packet, it controls the switch so as to output, transmit, ordiscard the token packet and a data packet. Therefore, addition of nodesand loops is facilitated while maintaining the transmission efficiency,without increasing the packet transmission time.

Inventors: Mizuguchi; Yuji (Kyoto, JP), Sakai; Takahisa (Amagasaki, JP), Ikeda; Toshihisa (Kyoto, JP), Moriguchi; Kenichi (Neyagawa, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013