Patent Number: 6,310,915

Title: Video transcoder with bitstream look ahead for rate control and statisticalmultiplexing

Abstract: A method is provided for transcoding, i.e., decoding, and re-encoding, apreviously encoded video signal, to a second encoded representation. Anumber k>1 of previously encoded pictures of the previously encodedvideo signal are received in a buffer. Each of the k previously encodedpictures in the buffer is scanned to gather information on each of the kpreviously encoded pictures. An encoding parameter is allocated to a firstone of the k previously encoded pictures which precedes each other one ofthe k previously encoded pictures in encoded order of the previouslyencoded video signal. The encoding parameter is allocated based on theinformation gathered for each of the k previously encoded pictures. Thefirst previously encoded picture is decoded to produce a decoded picture.The decoded picture is re-encoded to generate a re-encoded picture in asecond encoded representation of the video signal. The re-encoding isperformed in a fashion which depends on the encoding parameter allocatedthereto. An apparatus is also disclosed for carrying out the methodincluding a buffer, a scanner (for performing the scanning and allocatingsteps), a decoder and an encoder.

Inventors: Wells; Aaron (Oakland, CA), Linzer; Elliot (Bronx, NY)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013