Patent Number: 6,310,916

Title: Method and apparatus for encoding a video signal

Abstract: A video signal encoder codes a video signal including texture informationand shape information on each of macroblocks, a macroblock having16.times.16 pixels and being dividable into 4 number of equal-sizedDCT-blocks. The encoder produces encoded shape information by encoding theshape information on a processing macroblock and generates a reconstructedshape information by decoding the encoded shape information. Then, aDCT_type of the processing macroblock is determined based on thereconstructed shape information and the texture information on theprocessing macroblock to thereby provide DCT_type information representingthe DCT_type. Once the DCT_type of the processing macroblock is decided,the encoder generates encoded texture information by adaptively encodingthe texture information through the use of a progressive or an interlacedcoding technique in response to the DCT_type information. Furthermore, theencoder generates CBPY information by using the encoding results of thetexture information and provides a data stream to be transmitted insequence of the encoded shape information, the encoded CBPY information,the DCT_type information and the encoded texture information.

Inventors: Han; Seok-Won (Seoul, KR)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013