Patent Number: 6,310,948

Title: Method and apparatus for analyzing international long distance dialingerrors and automatically completing a call

Abstract: A method for analyzing international long distance dialing errors andautomatically completing a call it the error can be determined comprisesthe steps of receiving a dialed country code, city code and directorynumber. A potential error is determined by comparing one or pairs of thedialed country code and city code or the city code and dialed directorynumber or the combination of all three elements with predetermined validdialing sequences for the dialed digits. For example, an error can belocated between the country code and city code when a foreign telephonenetwork has added a digit, for example, to expand the number of directorynumbers available within a geographic area. A list of obsolete countrycodes, city codes or combinations thereof is stored in memory along withupdated country codes and city codes. In one embodiment, a correcteddialed number is automatically redialed without further action by thecaller. In another embodiment, the existence of a potential error in adialed number is announced to the caller. The caller can further beprompted to agree with a reasonable correction of the dialed number andpermit the automatic redialing of the telephone number intended. Apparatusfor performing the analysis may comprise a known long distance networkadjunct processor including a voice interactive system and access to adatabase of obsolete and valid international calling formats. In analternative embodiment, even the dialed directory number may be correctedvia access to a remote directory number database or international operatorassistance may be provided.

Inventors: Nemeth; Ronald (Bridgewater, NJ)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013