Patent Number: 6,310,957

Title: Method and apparatus for interdicting cable television channels

Abstract: Apparatus for interdicting television channels of a cable television systemcomprises a plurality of oscillators dedicated to jamming the audioportion of television channels to be interdicted, and a further pluralityof different oscillators dedicated to jamming the video portion oftelevision channels to be interdicted. The number of jamming oscillatorsfor jamming the audio is less than or equal to the number of jammingoscillators for jamming the video. The hopping rate for video jamming isgreatly in excess of the hopping rate for audio jamming. On the otherhand, the dwell time for audio jamming is greatly in excess of the dwelltime for video jamming. At least two levels of jamming effectiveness ofboth audio and video portions can be addressably controlled from theheadend of a system including such interdiction apparatus. If sharedoscillators according to prior art techniques are used to jam both audioand video, this form of jamming engine may be selectively actuated inpreference to or as an alternative for a jamming engine comprising both anaudio jamming oscillator and a video jamming oscillator.

Inventors: Heller; Michael Wyndham (Carthage, IN), James; Jack Elden (Indianapolis, IN), Johnson; Byron Lynn (Indianapolis, IN), Katz; Ronald Lee (Indianapolis, IN), McWilliams; Stephen Gratzer (Greenwood, IN)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013