Patent Number: 6,310,998

Title: Fabrication of refractive index patterns in optical fibers havingprotective optical coatings

Abstract: A refractive-index grating fabricated in an optical fiber having amultilayer coating and a method for making refractive-index patterns suchas gratings in optical fibers such that the mechanical properties of theoriginal fiber are preserved. The patterns are written into the opticalfiber by partially stripping away the outer coating of the fiber, exposingthe core of the fiber through the remainder of the coating with an actinicradiation to form the pattern in the photosensitive core of the fiber,followed by recoating the fiber in the stripped area to provide protectionof the newly formed pattern from corruption and to preserve the mechanicalproperties of the fiber.

Inventors: Starodubov; Dmitry (Los Angeles, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013