Patent Number: 6,311,016

Title: Substrate temperature measuring apparatus, substrate temperature measuringmethod, substrate heating method and heat treatment apparatus

Abstract: A temperature measuring apparatus, for measuring a temperature of asubstrate in a heating apparatus heating a substrate by irradiation oflight, and a method for measuring a substrate temperature, the measuringapparatus having a thermocouple and a covering member for covering it. Thecovering member portion covering the thermocouple is made of a materialwith a high heat conductivity and its excluding the material with a highheat conductivity portion is made of a material with a high lightreflection factor respectively, whereby it is possible to accuratelymeasure the temperature of the substrate heated by irradiation lightwithout the measurement being affected by the heating irradiation lightand without contaminating the substrate and further, without depending onfilm thicknesses structure of the substrate.

Inventors: Yanagawa; Syusaku (Kanagawa, JP), Blersch; Werner (Dornstadt, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013