Patent Number: 6,311,022

Title: Film-back exchangeable camera

Abstract: In a film back exchangeable camera provided with a camera body, anexchangeable film back is removably attached to the camera body. A lightshielding member is removably attached to the film back so that the lightshielding member prevents a film in the film back from being exposed whenthe light shielding member is attached to the film back, and so that thefilm is permitted to be exposed when the light shielding member is removedfrom the film back. The camera further includes film back attachmentdetecting means for detecting attachment of the film back to the camerabody, light shielding member attachment detecting means for detectingattachment of the light shielding member to the film back, release lockmeans for switching a shutter between an operable state and an inoperablestate; and viewfinder lock means for switching a viewfinder between anobservable state and an unobservable state, so that the shutter beingbrought into the inoperable state by the release lock means and theviewfinder is brought into the unobservable state by the viewfinder lockmeans when attachment of the film back to the camera body is detected bythe film back attachment detecting means and attachment of the lightshielding member to the film back is detected by the light shieldingmember attachment detecting means.

Inventors: Hori; Masakatsu (Saitama, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013