Patent Number: 6,311,025

Title: Interchangeable part recognizing apparatus and image forming apparatus

Abstract: To meet a main unit downsized and provided with a lot of functions and an interchangeable part made to be versatile by simplification of manufacturing work, thereby preventing increase of the manufacturing cost and decrease of practical utility. When a toner cartridge is mounted to a developing section, a detecting electrode contacts the surface of a first dielectric layer at a position opposed to a pattern electrode of a recognizing portion, and a return electrode of a detecting section contacts the surface of the first dielectric layer at a position opposed to an entire electrode of the recognizing portion. The first dielectric layer is interposed between the detecting electrode and the pattern electrode, and the first dielectric layer and a second dielectric layer are interposed between the return electrode and the entire electrode. When an AC voltage is applied from an AC power source to the detecting electrode, an AC current passes from the detecting electrode to the pattern electrode through the first dielectric layer. The AC current having passed to the pattern electrode passes to the entire electrode through the second dielectric layer, and returns to the return electrode after passing through the second dielectric layer and the first dielectric layer in this order.

Inventors: Nagata; Kenichi (Nara, JP), Morimoto; Toshihide (Gose, JP), Kunihiro; Hisashi (Nara, JP), Hagihara; Hideaki (Nara, JP)

Assignee: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

International Classification: G03G 15/08 (20060101); G03G 015/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/30/2018