Patent Number: 6,311,077

Title: Combined cosmetics compact and cellular radiotelephone

Abstract: A combined cosmetics compact and cellular radiotelephone device having acasing which includes the working components of a radiotelephone and amirror. One of the working components of the radiotelephone is a display.The display operates in a first mode as the mirror. The display caninclude an apparatus for projecting information associated with theoperation of the radiotelephone on the mirror when the display is operatedin a second mode. The casing can include a first housing member and secondhousing member. The housing members and the working components of theradiotelephone form a cellular flip-radiotelephone. At least onereceptacle for storing cosmetics can be provided in the casing. Thebattery of the device can be used for selectively operative for heatingthe receptacle. A cosmetics applicator can also be provided in the casing.

Inventors: Bien; Jonathan S. (Edgewater, NJ)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013