Patent Number: 6,311,083

Title: Method for determining an examination point for the diaphanoscopicexamination of a being and device for realizing the same

Abstract: In a method and an apparatus for locating an examination size fordiaphanoscopic examination of a living subject, a region of the livingsubject wherein the optimum examination location is suspected issequentially transilluminated with radiation, preferably in a wavelengthrange of the optical tissue window, for registration of scattered lightdistributions in the form of location-related spread functions,particularly point spread functions, and at least one function-specific,location-related feature of each spread function is determined, based onwhich a position value defining the examination location is determined.

Inventors: Abraham-Fuchs; Klaus (Erlangen, DE), Beuthan; Juergen (Berlin, DE), Mueller; Gerhard-J. (Berlin, DE), Prapavat; Viravuth (Hamburg, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013