Patent Number: 6,311,084

Title: Radiation seed implant method and apparatus

Abstract: A computer based method and apparatus for providing prostate brachytherapyusing Interventional Magnetic Resonance imaging is described. Theinvention utilizes the excellent soft tissue visualization thatInterventional Magnetic Resonance provides to produce radiographic,geometric and dosimetric feedback to an implant treatment planner(software module). The feedback enables an iterative procedure for theplacement of needles based upon cumulative dosimetric feedback on theeffect of the current and prior needle placements. The invention allows atreatment plan to be developed and the implantation procedure to beperformed initially in accordance with the developed treatment plan.Modifications to the plan are made in real-time by the invention softwaremodule coupled to the IMR imaging system. The implantation procedurecontinues with the modified plan where further modifications are made tothe plan with placement of each subsequent needle. Calculation of finalcoverage is also provided for ending evaluation of the implant procedure.

Inventors: Cormack; Robert A. (Milton, MA), D'Amico; Anthony V. (Weston, MA), Kooy; Hanne M. (Newton, MA), Tempany; Clare M. (Charlestown, MA)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013