Patent Number: 6,311,102

Title: Physical distribution/transportation system and integrated physicaldistribution system

Abstract: A physical distribution/transportation system comprises a plurality ofnodes (2) for collecting cargoes from shipment parties and dischargingcargoes to delivery destinations. A dedicated traveling line (4) connectsthe plurality of nodes (2). Pallet vehicles (6) travel between the nodes(2) along the dedicated traveling line, and a travel controlling system(22) controls operation of the pallet vehicles. Between the nodes (2) andusers are utilized ordinary vehicles which travel on ordinary roads (18).The physical distribution/transportation system is constituted by acombination of the dedicated traveling line (4) and ordinary travelinglines, which are the ordinary roads (18). Further, an integrated physicaldistribution system includes such a physical distribution/transportationsystem.

Inventors: Minakami; Hiroyuki (Kobe, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013