Patent Number: 6,311,104

Title: System and method for controlling the inserter chassis speed in an insertersystem

Abstract: A method for controlling an inserter system having a chassis for assemblingmailpieces, the chassis operating cyclically with successive accumulationsadvancing at the end of each cycle. The inserter system further includes adocument feeder for feeding accumulations of documents to the chassis, theaccumulations containing varying numbers of documents whereby the documentfeeder is operated at a first speed such that accumulations are availablefor input to the chassis at varying intervals substantially depending uponthe number of documents in corresponding accumulations. And the chassis isoperated at a selected speed, which speed is periodically updated independence upon the number of documents in the corresponding accumulationsin the document feeder.

Inventors: Shea; Michael (Litchfield, CT), Pritchard; Eugene (Brookfield, CT), Hart, Jr.; William G. (Sandy Hook, CT), Mayer; Paul (Middlebury, CT)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013