Patent Number: 6,311,105

Title: Multi-utility energy control system

Abstract: The present invention involves multi-utility energy control system with atleast one control center computer which is connected to various utilityconsuming systems and has specialized software that formats pertinentsystems energy data, stores it, retrieves it, diagnoses it and acts inresponse to changes and includes a multi-utility master meter device and aplurality of sensors. The meter device and sensors monitor consumption ofa plurality of different utilities meter and will generate selectedinformation, including recognition of surges, of increase in usage versushistorical data. The master meter has a central processing unit, visualdisplay means, programming controls and a power source connection. Thesensors connections transmit real time rates to the master meter centralprocessing unit. The control center computer(s) identify consumption,changes in consumption, changes in facility individual system consumptionand identify and correct for surges, gaps, peak demands and otherparameters, with reports as desired.

Inventors: Budike, Jr.; Lothar E. S. (Hamilton Township, Mercer County, NJ)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013