Patent Number: 6,311,118

Title: Vehicle speed control system

Abstract: A system for controlling a speed of a vehicle having a continuouslyvariable transmission (CVT) and a cruise controller which controls thetraveling speed of the vehicle to a desired speed in response to theinstruction to cruise control inputted by the vehicle operator. In thesystem, the detected throttle opening is smoothed or filtered such thatthe speed ratio of the continuously variable transmission is controlledbased on the smoothed throttle opening and the detected vehicle speed whenthe instruction to cruise control is input. Alternatively, a parameterindicative of upslope of the road where the vehicle climbs is determinedand the speed ratio is controlled based on the parameter and the detectedvehicle speed. With this, the system can reduce the engine speedfluctuation and can prevent the vehicle operator from feeling uneasy whenthe cruise control is effected.

Inventors: Ito; Akira (Wako, JP), Kotani; Hideaki (Wako, JP), Sato; Hiroshi (Wako, JP), Sen; Naoto (Wako, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/32013